Square integration

Square integration

Take payments for your services online and in-person with Square.

The INCH-Square integration simplifies payments for you and your clients. Not only can you accept in-person payments through your calendar, but clients can prepay for appointments through your Booking Page.

Your Booking Page also displays options to pay using Apple Pay and/or Google Pay (G Pay), giving clients extra flexibility.


  • Your INCH account: The Square integration is available on all plan types, to users in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.
  • Your verified Square account: Make sure you’ve completed the Square setup process, along with basic identity verification, prior to enabling this integration. Without identity verification, you won't be able to take card payments. Learn more 

Need a Square account? Sign up here:

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Enable the Square integration in your web app

1. Navigate to Settings > Payments and click the ‘Square’ tile.

2. Click the 'Activate' button and enter your Square account details when prompted. This allows INCH to connect.

Once enabled, navigate to  Settings > Payments > Booking Page to accept payments from your Booking Page, and Settings > Payments > Payment history to see past payments and issue refunds.

Take payments in your web app

  • Open your INCH calendar and click an appointment.
  • Click Edit appointment > Payment > New payment > Continue and enter the client’s payment information.


While trying to take payment, I received the error message ‘Credit card processing is not enabled.’ What should I do?

You may receive this error, or ‘Not approved to accept credit cards’, if you haven't completed identity verification in your Square account setup.

  • Sign into your Square dashboard and click 'Setup Guide'.
  • Select Get Paid > Verify Your Identity.
  • Enter all the requested information.

If you have any trouble entering information, keep these tips in mind:

  • Enter your legal first and last name. If you recently changed your name, try entering your previous name.
  • Use your current home address. If you have moved within the last 6 months, try using your previous home address.

How do I accept Booking Page payments?

This  support article gives you step-by-step instructions so clients can prepay for appointments online.

Do all of my clients have the option to pay using Apple Pay and Google Pay (G Pay)?

Yes, but the payment options your client sees depends on the browser they use. The 'Buy with G Pay' button will display in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and other browsers. Both the 'Buy with G Pay' and 'Apple Pay' buttons will display in Safari browsers. Additionally, the Apple Pay option will be available to those using iPhone with touch ID and Macbook.

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